Marketing/ Branding Your Business Effectively as a Realtor

Marketing/ Branding Your Business Effectively as a Realtor

Being a realtor in a big city can be overwhelming. You are one of thousands of realtors in your city, so how do you stand out among the rest? Well, there are no shortcuts and it can be quite difficult to build the reputation you seek. The key is to have a specific marketing strategy and to go above and beyond expectations. Our social branding manager and strategic marketing manager at Commission2Day are laying out an outline so that you can apply it to your niche.

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As time passes, what type of target market are you getting most of your business from? Is it not specific at all? If you want to be well known for something, it is important to brand yourself accordingly. Setup referral deals within your group for homes that fit their niche and vice versa. This will also help boost your reputation. Take a second and think about what every successful business has in common… From mom and pop stores all the way up to fortune 500 companies, each successful business has a set of systems in place that maximizes the output while spending the least amount of time on it as required (minimizing the input). No, that does not mean taking shortcuts. It means efficiency and effectiveness through systems and processes! It takes some time on the front end but will make the long term much more efficient. With that being said, here are some tips that will facilitate building your brand/ reputation

  • Social Media: Be sure to utilize multiple social media outlets and not just one! Social media has given many people an opportunity to help advertise and is now a mainstream requirement to remain relevant. However, many professionals do not know how to properly utilize social media or spend way too much time on social media and it takes away from other aspects of their business. It is important to create professional accounts for your brand and not to mix them with your personal life WHATSOEVER. You can use Hootsuites free version or another social media manager to connect all of your social media pages together such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even your YouTube page to link,organize, and even schedule your posts to be sent at specific times. We recommend posting/ sharing two- three articles daily and leaving thoughtful, positive comments to show appreciation. Also, the material you post shouldn’t just be your material. The more you reciprocate appreciation for others, the more likely they will do the same. Finally, learn how to utilize #hashtags effectively. We suggest reading material in your industry and taking note of the #hashtags that are most commonly used. Start by creating a document that has all of the #hashtags that apply to your industry and keep a running list so that it is easy to copy and paste into your posts. Whether you are posting a new listing or a good read, this strategy has proven to be effective.
  • Email Blasts: Do you want every real estate agent in your city to see your new listing so they can show their buyers? this is a fast and easy way to reach more people especially in larger cities. Email is one of the biggest ways for business professionals to communicate because it is direct and timesaving. Creating a visually appealing email marketing campaign will help you establish your brand as well. For as little as $20, companies such as will create your customized flyer for you or enable you to send your own marketing material. With access to all opt in lists in the entire country, they will also send the emails to every agent in your city for you.
  • Website Quality: Take a second and Google your name. Where do you rank on that list and does the material you want to show come up first? Do you want your name to come up higher on the list? Easy, create more content. The way your website looks will attract or repel people and is one of the best ways to add website interactions, images, and blog posts. Website interactions helps to easily contact potential clients such as an email list. Blog posts help give your site credibility by utilizing credible references.The better looking your website is and the credible sources you utilize will increase the likelihood of attracting new clients.
  • Targeted Marketing: Do research on what your marketplace is. It is pointless to market to everyone, when you can stretch out your buck when you focus on a specific group.
  • Referrals: If you go above and beyond for your clients, they are commonly going to mention your business to their friends simply because your service stands out to them.  Offering a referral program to past clients is also helpful in creating loyalty and can provide an extra stream of clients. For example, all real estate agents that are mentioned when referring another realtor to Commission2Day will receive 5% off of their next advance (up to 50% off.)
  • Community Outreach: The most valuable thing you can offer someone is your time. Being involved within your community can really help people get to know who you are. By getting involved within your community people will begin to trust you as you support local sports games, community projects, and small community businesses.

Strategically implementing these marketing tips will help your build your brand wherever you are. Simply be sure to post quality information that helps others.